Welcome to the GatherPress tests!

Current setup, latest update 27 June 2024: WordPress 6.5.5, PHP 8.2, GatherPress 0.29.3

In coordination with Angela Jin, the GatherPress team was asked to setup a test/demo site in order to test GatherPress in real conditions and gather feedback before to ask the Meta team to integrate GatherPress to the WordPress.org network.

More information about GatherPress on the main website (including a video in documentation) and on GitHub.

This test follows our proposal on the Make Community site on 22 January 2024.

It is set up to work in coordination with the Make Community and Meta Teams, with the help of the Hosting Team, in order to test the potential to integrate GatherPress on the WordPress.org network as an alternative to Meetup.com for our events.

The test here includes user registration, which would be different once on WordPress.org (using WordPress.org user accounts), and new group site creation which would be done by the Community Team.

For Meetup group co-organizers

If you are a current Meetup group co-organizer, we welcome you to test by registering on this page.

As a tester, you agree to create events and venues, manage attendance and test all the features like in real situation.

We invite you to create “dummy” events, have some people from your group or friends to test as attendees, and report to us in the feedback form. You understand that this is a test, and not a real group to organize real events!

We made minimal changes to “GatherPress groups”, a child theme of the Twenty Twenty-Four theme, feel free to style your group as you want in the Site editor.

For the Meta Team

One of you will be/has been given network admin access.

This is an independently hosted test website, as requested by Angela Jin. On WordPress.org the registration system would have to be integrated with WordPress.org user accounts, and we had to implement some things that would be different once on WordPress.org:

  • User registration (to join groups)
  • Forms:
    • Test registration
    • Feedback
  • Clone Template group site
  • SMTP for all sites, for form submissions, registrations, event notifications, etc
  • Forced footer (to display sponsors or other content)

Please give us your feedback on GitHub.

For the Community Team

Angela Jin has been given network admin access.

Please give us your feedback on GitHub.