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  • GatherPress is on the WordPress Plugin Repository!

    See our post on our main site! Translators: you can now translate GatherPress on Translate WordPress

  • First Q&A Call

    First Q&A Call

    We thank you to participate to the GatherPress tests! We will hold an online event this Friday 28 June at 14:00 UTC (2pm UTC). If you have set your timezone in your user profile, it will show the correct time for you! Please RSVP on the event! Anyone can participate to the call, whether you…

  • Translations

    EDIT June 29, GatherPress is now translatable on WordPress Translate We will tell you all here when GatherPress will be on the plugin repository! At this moment, it will be possible to translate on! For now, some translations have been done in French, Spanish and German in February 2024! but there have been…

  • How to conduct tests

    Once you registered as a group co-organizer, we will create your site, part of this test network. We will add you as a network user and you’ll get an email to create your password. Of course, this would be different on as it would use our existing user accounts. Once you are logged in,…

  • Usernames

    To all of you who already registered to the tests, the created username was your Meetup group! We now changed it to match your username. If more of your co-organizers from your Meetup group join the test, please register one account per person, and match the username with your account

  • GatherPress 0.29.2

    GatherPress has been updated to the 0.29.2 version You can follow the development of GatherPress on our GitHub repository. Feel free to add issues and join us! The plugin is under review by the WordPress Plugin Review Team and we will inform you here when it’s published in the Plugin repository!

  • Welcome to the GatherPress tests

    Welcome everyone! We thank you to participate to the tests! In coordination with Angela Jin, the GatherPress team was asked to setup a test/demo site in order to test GatherPress in real conditions and gather feedback before to ask the Meta team to integrate GatherPress to the network. More information about GatherPress on the…