How to conduct tests

Once you registered as a group co-organizer, we will create your site, part of this test network.

We will add you as a network user and you’ll get an email to create your password. Of course, this would be different on as it would use our existing user accounts.

Once you are logged in, see “My sites” on the left of the admin bar and choose your group, where you are an admin! You are also a subscriber to other groups, for example we added everyone to the main site, or on other groups if you RSVPed to an event.

Then you can start to test GatherPress: create venues and events. You can play with the settings, allow people to register anonymously or not to your events, ask friends to RSVP for example.

We can also RSVP to events on other groups, just to test!

See the video on our main site Documentation page, and also have a look at the Documentation for users.

It is very important for us to get regular feedback from you all! We thank you in advance!


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